Container Services

Watch Product Temperature

Records product temperature upon receipt on West Coast. Monitors temperature from point of receipt to delivery.

Assure Movement on Schedule

Informs consignee when shipment is not received on West Coast as scheduled. Calls consignee with Notice of Shipment information and arranges for delivery. Alerts consignee of any discrepancies (e.g. temperature, damage, count, etc.).

Takes Full Responsibility for Documentation of the Shipment

Files all claims on your behalf; you deal with only one carrier.

Consolidates Multiple Shipments

Received at various times throughout week to ship on same vessel to one consignee. Payor of freight receives lowest rate through use of combined weight of all shipments. Loaded in accordance with consignee's instructions. Changes can be made up to the arrival of vessel.

Has Complete Warehousing and Distribution Services Throughout All Hawaii

Professionals in handling refrigerated products.